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Beware Before You Click: The Dangers of '@' in URLs

In the digital age, where a click can lead you anywhere on the web, caution is paramount. Among the myriad of links that populate our screens, there's one particular symbol that should raise a red flag: the '@' sign in a URL. While the internet offers boundless opportunities for information and connection, it also harbours risks, and these seemingly innocuous characters can be a gateway to trouble. I came across this article the other day and it detailed something I wasn't aware of. So where does this link go :- At first glance (and certainly if you only saw the first 50 characters) you'd be forgiven for thinking that you would end up on the BBC's website.  Hover over it first, then give it a click to se

March/April Payroll Year End Guide 2024

  We have now released our End of Year Guide for this year.  We would advise you refer to it and use it when processing your payroll year end in Opera. Note that there are two guides: one for simple payrolls and one for multiple/consolidated payrolls. The guide can be found on our Payroll Year End page on our website. If you have any questions please get in touch