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Are You Fit For Business?

As the UK is coming out of a recession, it is time to stop putting decisions on hold and focus on growth. Take some time out and think... are you fit for business? Here are some key questions financial directors are asking themselves: • Do I have control over my costs? • Do I know who my best customers are? • Who are my late payers? • Which are my slowest and fastest moving stock items? Get in the best shape with Opera II from Pegasus To get the answers, you need a solution that supports your business 100% and delivers key performance indicators quickly and easily. Businesses in Sheffield and South Yorkshire are getting in shape with Pegasus Opera II business and accounting software. Opera II is the award-winning financial management software for small to medium sized businesses. It is a fully integrated solution with over 25 modules to pick and choose from, as and when you need them. • Be on top of every lead, every sales opportunity and every contact with customers with CRM • Monito