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Pegasus wins at the Software Satisfaction Awards 2011!

We are delighted to announce that Pegasus won the Enterprise Payroll Software award for Opera 3/Opera II Payroll & HR in the Software Satisfaction Awards 2011 . End users rated Pegasus software highly on key attributes; functionality, reliability, ease of use, and value for money. Stuart Anderson, of Pegasus commented 'We are very proud that Pegasus has triumphed at another award ceremony. This is a testament to the fact that our customers feel strongly enough about the product and the quality that they are willing to vote for us. Our Payroll is used to pay over one million employees throughout the UK and this success follows our recent achievement in the Payroll World User Satisfaction Survey.' Winners were announced on Tuesday 18 October at an award ceremony at the London Marriott Grosvenor Square. To find out how Quad can help your business in Sheffield and South Yorkshire, visit Quad's site for more information.

Telephone Scam - Caller Claims to be from Microsoft

We've become aware of an increasingly common scam which has taken in a number of our customers as well as hearing word of it from family and friends. One of our engineers also had the scam call, so we were able to gain first-hand knowledge of what happens. The scam is well-documented here on The Guardian's website but we also know that more stubborn recipients of the call (like our engineer) will be asked to perform other so-called checks (like CheckDisk/CHKDSK) to see how your PC is running in addition to looking at the Event Viewer. These routines always display something designed to alarm you and to make you think something is wrong with your PC. You're then asked to go to a website where the caller can then fix these for you. People are then directed to payment websites in order to pay for the service. However, the caller will often remain connected to your PC, disabling your anti-virus protection and installing trojans and key-loggers. They'll then get access to c

Using Visual SourceSafe with Visual Studio and Windows 7

I had a problem which was niggling for a while in that I couldn't seem to get Visual Studio (2008) to work properly with Visual Source Safe on my new Windows 7 PC. VSS seemed to work fine when I ran it to view files, etc. For existing projects which I had copied to the new PC, source control integration was working fine. I then created a new project and needed to check it into SourceSafe. I couldn't get any databases to appear in the "Open SourceSafe Database" dialogue box. It always wanted to default to the local database, which was empty anyway. Even though I could browse and choose the database I wanted, nothing would appear in the dialogue box. After much tinkering and Googling and reinstalling, I finally discovered what the problem was. The list of available databases is held in registry and even though I had tried manually altering things in there, it seems Visual Studio must have looked in a different location to where I was altering. A post on the internet led