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Quad Raises Neighbouring Companies’ Web Presences

Quad Computer Services Ltd has always believed that helping its neighbours is important. This summer, we set up a web site for the Dore House Industrial Estate in Handsworth, Sheffield, where we are based. The site, , is free for anyone on the industrial estate and allows companies to put up details about their services as well as highlight their location on a map. We have had a positive response from people on the estate. The site has a good Google Ranking already, which helps the companies on there. We also have a feature which allows each company to show their location exactly as we have found that SatNavs based on the postcode often take you to the wrong place!

Quad Attain DrayTek Advanced Networking Partner Accreditation

Quad Computer Services Ltd confirmed their status as leading providers of secure, remote networking solutions in Sheffield and South Yorkshire by attaining the status of Advanced Networking Partner from DrayTek. Linking sites together is an important part of modern business. Resources can be shared easily and reliably between multiple sites, in particular for home workers or management needing access to information at all times. Some of the advanced features of the DrayTek range allow companies to use Voice over IP services across the network with often significant savings in phone charges. There are features to allow use of two ADSL lines, failing over should one line go down.
Welcome to the Quad Computer Services Ltd first blogging post. Here we intend to post news articles and items that may be of interest and hopefully useful to you. We have been providing bespoke computer services to Sheffield and South Yorkshire since 1987. We write write and support software, sell and support hardware and we are an ISP which means we host websites, email and can provide broadband services.