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BBC News - Intel in $7.68bn McAfee takeover

BBC News - Intel in $7.68bn McAfee takeover

Cherry Picker at Quad

View from the kitchen window today as the cherry picker did its stuff....

Transform Your Excel Spreadsheets into a Bespoke Application

Every company organises itself differently. At Quad, we see different organisations writing spreadsheets to match the business process. Evolving over time, the person who set them up may move on, or simply does not have time anymore to maintain them. They become a job in themselves and focus is taken from the business. That's where Quad come in. We have built an in-house suit of utilities allowing us to convert spreadsheets into a bespoke application. The finished application performs more quickly, more reliably and more robustly. The application can usually bring added benefits of having multi-user access, being able to track "who did what?" and avoiding the situation we've seen many times where the crucial spreadsheet gets deleted. Find out more details about converting Excel spreadsheets into applications on our website.