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Snow Problem

The snow has hampered most people today, but we've got in. We won't be making any deliveries around Sheffield in the van today, though.

Opera 3 Teaser

The exciting and much-awaiting launch of Pegasus Opera 3 is on October 14th 2010. The sneak preview is available on YouTube.... More Information on Pegasus Opera 3

BBC News - Change to 'Bios' will make for PCs that boot in seconds

BBC News - Change to 'Bios' will make for PCs that boot in seconds Let's hope this speeds things up. Of course, if you want a fast PC, you just need to get in touch with us!

Pegasus Opera II : One Solution

As your business evolves, it becomes more challenging to manage complex processes and share information with all departments. It makes sense to run all your processes in one solution for full control of your business. Opera II is the fully integrated, award-winning financial management solution from Pegasus, for small to medium sized businesses. There are over 25 modules to choose from, as and when you need them. It's For Everyone In Your Business • Sales Manager : What's in my current sales pipeline? Find out with CRM • MD : Tell me what I need to know with Opera II Dashboards • Operations Manager : How can I manage contracts and improve service? Find out with Service & Helpdesk Management • Finance Manager : How can I turn my numbers into valuable business information? Find out with the Excel reporting tool Pegasus XRL • Office Manager : How can I cut costs and reduce paper waste? Find out with Document Management • Payroll Administrator : Can I process the company payrol

Networking at St Pauls Mercure with Sheffield Chamber of Commerce

Wednesday 8th September saw us pay a visit to St Pauls Mercure hotel in Sheffield (next to the equally excellent Winter Gardens). The free lunch (it seems there is such a thing!) was organised by Sheffield Chamber of Commerce as part of their Business Networking month. It was the first Chamber event we had been to, and also the first time we'd been in the hotel. All round excellence! Hotel is great, with a superb hot buffet lunch. The networking itself was very pleasant and didn't feel forced. Didn't quite get to push Quad's Sheffield-based software development services , but we will hopefully help one new client with their website. Well done everyone!

Why Doesn't Google Index a Page?

Here at Quad, we have a page on our site which Google will not index. We do well with SEO, but this one is perplexing us! The page relates to our Software Development Services and is more a CV listing what we do. Renaming the page and moving the folder it is based in does not seem to do anything, so Google is almost blinkering the page. Hopefully mentioning it here might trigger something in Google's churning machine, but we will have to wait and see. I have some other plans for the page, so will report back my findings to see if Software Development in Sheffield will become an active, spidered, indexed link....

BBC News - Intel in $7.68bn McAfee takeover

BBC News - Intel in $7.68bn McAfee takeover

Cherry Picker at Quad

View from the kitchen window today as the cherry picker did its stuff....

Transform Your Excel Spreadsheets into a Bespoke Application

Every company organises itself differently. At Quad, we see different organisations writing spreadsheets to match the business process. Evolving over time, the person who set them up may move on, or simply does not have time anymore to maintain them. They become a job in themselves and focus is taken from the business. That's where Quad come in. We have built an in-house suit of utilities allowing us to convert spreadsheets into a bespoke application. The finished application performs more quickly, more reliably and more robustly. The application can usually bring added benefits of having multi-user access, being able to track "who did what?" and avoiding the situation we've seen many times where the crucial spreadsheet gets deleted. Find out more details about converting Excel spreadsheets into applications on our website.

A Chance to Win an iPad When You Register For Pegasus News

Sign up for Pegasus news : "Stay in touch with Pegasus" We want to stay in touch and keep you informed of the latest Pegasus news. Most of Pegasus' customer communications are by e-mail, so they can get the message to you quickly without postal delays and to help save on paper. Sign up for Pegasus News for your chance to win an iPad If you provide Pegasus with your e-mail address by 30 June 2010, you will receive Pegasus communications by e-mail and you'll be entered into a prize draw to win a 16GB Apple iPad.* What’s your e-mail address? To provide us with your e-mail address, click this link or contact the team on 0800 919 704. Please be assured that Pegasus will never pass your e-mail address to a third party. We look forward to keeping in touch. *terms and conditions apply Click the link for more information on Business and Accounting Software in Sheffield

How to Change Document Name in Word 2007

Always forget where document name/title is in Word? So do I! Go to the Word start (or pizza) button Choose "Prepare" Then Properties You can amend author, title, keywords, etc.

Are You Fit For Business?

As the UK is coming out of a recession, it is time to stop putting decisions on hold and focus on growth. Take some time out and think... are you fit for business? Here are some key questions financial directors are asking themselves: • Do I have control over my costs? • Do I know who my best customers are? • Who are my late payers? • Which are my slowest and fastest moving stock items? Get in the best shape with Opera II from Pegasus To get the answers, you need a solution that supports your business 100% and delivers key performance indicators quickly and easily. Businesses in Sheffield and South Yorkshire are getting in shape with Pegasus Opera II business and accounting software. Opera II is the award-winning financial management software for small to medium sized businesses. It is a fully integrated solution with over 25 modules to pick and choose from, as and when you need them. • Be on top of every lead, every sales opportunity and every contact with customers with CRM • Monito