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A Chance to Win an iPad When You Register For Pegasus News

Sign up for Pegasus news : "Stay in touch with Pegasus" We want to stay in touch and keep you informed of the latest Pegasus news. Most of Pegasus' customer communications are by e-mail, so they can get the message to you quickly without postal delays and to help save on paper. Sign up for Pegasus News for your chance to win an iPad If you provide Pegasus with your e-mail address by 30 June 2010, you will receive Pegasus communications by e-mail and you'll be entered into a prize draw to win a 16GB Apple iPad.* What’s your e-mail address? To provide us with your e-mail address, click this link or contact the team on 0800 919 704. Please be assured that Pegasus will never pass your e-mail address to a third party. We look forward to keeping in touch. *terms and conditions apply Click the link for more information on Business and Accounting Software in Sheffield